Cat cafe in America!

Hey fellow kitty-lovers!

I’m a young entrepreneur looking to start a cat cafe in the U.S. I’m very serious about this and determined to have be created by the end of 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve had this idea for a while now ever since learning about them through the internet a couple of years ago.

Cat cafes are a type of small restaurant originating in Japan where patrons can eat meals and have beverages in the company of felines. There are currently about 40 in Tokyo alone and many, many more in various parts of Asia. Vienna, Austria got it’s first one recently and one is being started in London later this year.

I’m not allowed to have animals of my own due to my living situation so I think it’s a brilliant idea to bring the joy of cats to the public, especially pet-less persons looking for a little companionship. I’m also in love with the idea of giving a temporary home to rescued, shelter cats and setting up an adoption service for them through the restaurant. I’m very passionate about animal welfare and will do my utmost best to provide a clean, stress-free environment for the cats living at the cafe. I’m not looking to exploit the cats just to gain some profit.

There will be some of obstacles once starting this project since in the U.S. animals are prohibited in food establishments but I’m willing to fight tooth and nail.

Follow me on my journey to make this happen.

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    lets make this happen!
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    I will bus myself to Boston for this.
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    this is freaking brilliant! best of luck with all of this!
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    Thanks for the feedback and idea! Our ultimate plan is to talk to a local animal shelter that will create some sort of...
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    Best of luck!
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